• Radhika Aggarwal

Short 'I'm Not Fine' selected for Tweetfest 2020'

In March, I recorded a BBC Radio Play written by award-winning film maker Cassiah Joski- Jethi. We stayed in touch after the session and when lockdown started she got in touch about working together on a short. It came at a great time as I'd just started to get kitted out with lighting, sound equipment and learnt more about editing and file sharing. She directed me over a virtual chat and I filmed myself with my phone, transferring clips after each set of takes. It worked so well although it did take me a while to clear up my room after! I will never underestimate wardrobe, makeup, continuity, set designers and sound people ever! I coordinated an ADR session after with my husband and partner in crime helping to engineer. He also composed the music. Here's a snap of us ADRing.

The film explores the deteriorating mental health of one woman over lockdown. We were thrilled to be selected for this festival and we have a few more selections to announce next month.