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Peer Support released as part of 'Lockdown Liftups' Project

During Lockdown 1, I auditioned for a zoom short by Kick it Down Productions called Peer Support by Molly Sweeney. I was already aware of Molly's writing and I find it funny, sharp and so relevant so was thrilled to be cast as Fatima. Peer Support charts 3 zoom meetings of a support group who've moved online for obvious reasons. We see the characters navigate the first few weeks of lockdown life, and what that looks like for each of them. It was shared in December on Youtube as London went into Tier 4. As we navigate our third lockdown, I thought I would share it here. We had a brilliant team who I'd love to mention here as it was brilliant to work with them, despite our distance it still felt so connecting, and I hope we all get to meet in person once this is over.

Written by: Molly Sweeney

Director: Adam Morley and Izzy Bronze

Actors: Joshua Sinclair Evans, Lucy Beresford, Tom Gordan and me, Radhika Aggarwal

Produced by: Kick It Down Productions

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"Radhika the renaissance woman: even after 6 months of working with her in an ensemble I continue to be surprised; not only a supremely fine actor and kind generous soul, she’s a singer, composer, punk rocker, mathematician, statistician, technician, puppeteer, philosopher, comedienne and cook. I only know this because these skills come in handy when you’re making a show. She blows your mind."

Melly Still, Theatre Director 

"I was looking for a teenager who had to give birth on screen for my first episode of “Casualty”.  Radhika walked in to the room and it was immediately clear she had to play the part.  She looked like a total one off, with purple hair, biker’s leather jacket, a chipper attitude and winning smile.  My Producer agreed to let her keep the punk vibe, which suited the character anyway.  After shocking her and the other two who played her boyfriend and brother by making them watch a video of a live birth, she gave me 100% on set and stole all her scenes! Thanks Radhika!!"

John Dower, TV and Mocap Director

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