• Radhika Aggarwal

'Coyote' short film selected for Cinema-19: short films in response to Covid-19

Long term collaborators and friends Mila Zuo and William Brown made short film Coyote during their lockdown in Vancouver, British Columbia. I was delighted to play a small part in their excellent short 'Coyote'. Film maker Mila Zuo describes it as "a domestic vignette of quarantine life against backdrops of the Black Lives Matter movement, anti-Asian violence in Vancouver, and animal life."


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"Radhika the renaissance woman: even after 6 months of working with her in an ensemble I continue to be surprised; not only a supremely fine actor and kind generous soul, she’s a singer, composer, punk rocker, mathematician, statistician, technician, puppeteer, philosopher, comedienne and cook. I only know this because these skills come in handy when you’re making a show. She blows your mind."

Melly Still, Theatre Director 


"Working with Radhika was a pleasure, from self-tape to delivery Radhika was exceptionally professional and produced a wonderful voice-over in a quick turn around time. I would recommend working with Radhika and hope to work with her again myself."

Billie Kessell, Head of Project Management, Tonic Agency

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