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New headshots by A P Wilding

Like many actors, I find the prospect of getting new headshots daunting. That split second where the casting director looks over your image could make or break ones chance of being seen (or be requested for a tape, as is more and more common now). So it can feel like choosing a photographer, to invest in your career, is a huge choice. I have definitely felt like this before especially when it is not a small expense, at a time when most of us had lost a lot of work. However I cannot rate Alexa more highly. It also helped that she photographed half the company I worked with in LA and I love their shots. It was her first day back in the studio and mine too so lots of larking about too (while taking extra care given the times we are in.)

She totally put me at ease, we had such a laugh and we were really focussed about exactly what looks I wanted to capture for my casting. She had sent so much great communication in advance of our session so that I could take lots of options for clothes, looks, etc. I had never had a shot with glasses before so was thrilled to get the geeky shot I always wanted, for the first time daring not to be 'pretty'. We also got a killer 'femme fatale'. Here's two of each look.



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"Radhika the renaissance woman: even after 6 months of working with her in an ensemble I continue to be surprised; not only a supremely fine actor and kind generous soul, she’s a singer, composer, punk rocker, mathematician, statistician, technician, puppeteer, philosopher, comedienne and cook. I only know this because these skills come in handy when you’re making a show. She blows your mind."

Melly Still, Theatre Director 

"I was looking for a teenager who had to give birth on screen for my first episode of “Casualty”.  Radhika walked in to the room and it was immediately clear she had to play the part.  She looked like a total one off, with purple hair, biker’s leather jacket, a chipper attitude and winning smile.  My Producer agreed to let her keep the punk vibe, which suited the character anyway.  After shocking her and the other two who played her boyfriend and brother by making them watch a video of a live birth, she gave me 100% on set and stole all her scenes! Thanks Radhika!!"

John Dower, TV and Mocap Director

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