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Nancy Bishop and Luci Lenox announce me as a winner in their international monologue competition

I recently entered a monologue competition to raise money for Runnymede. It was also the first monologue I wrote and performed myself. So when I received an email from Nancy Bishop casting saying I was one of their winners, I was surprised and thrilled. They posted their selection of monologues on their instagram accounts. I loved watching everyone's work which charted a range of topics in the wake of the Black Lives Matters movement - from the ethics of attending a protest to the drastic asymmetries in 'stop and search' numbers by police. My piece explored anti-blackness in South Asian cultures through promoting ideas of fairness as beauty. My monologue can be seen here:



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"Radhika the renaissance woman: even after 6 months of working with her in an ensemble I continue to be surprised; not only a supremely fine actor and kind generous soul, she’s a singer, composer, punk rocker, mathematician, statistician, technician, puppeteer, philosopher, comedienne and cook. I only know this because these skills come in handy when you’re making a show. She blows your mind."

Melly Still, Theatre Director 

"I was looking for a teenager who had to give birth on screen for my first episode of “Casualty”.  Radhika walked in to the room and it was immediately clear she had to play the part.  She looked like a total one off, with purple hair, biker’s leather jacket, a chipper attitude and winning smile.  My Producer agreed to let her keep the punk vibe, which suited the character anyway.  After shocking her and the other two who played her boyfriend and brother by making them watch a video of a live birth, she gave me 100% on set and stole all her scenes! Thanks Radhika!!"

John Dower, TV and Mocap Director

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